Doing business in Denmark

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BRANDT revision & rådgivning

BRANDT revision & rådgivning is a company which is specialized in accounting, financial statements and consulting. BRANDT operates as a state-authorized public accountant firm with 11 offices in Denmark. In total, are we 170+ employees. We offer consulting in a wide range of industries such as schools, property, transport, production and development companies etc.

BRANDT Chartered Accountants Company is a member of Moore Global Network Ltd. Moore Global Network is an international, professional and an independent network consisting of accounting firms from all over the world.

Moore Global Network Ltd.

Moore Global Network Ltd. is one of the world’s leading accounting and consulting cooperate with 260 companies distributed over 110 countries. The headquarter is in London.

All companies which are a member are subject to high-quality demands and have to be approved by Moore Global Network Ltd.’s quality control. More Global Network Ltd.´s members have in more than 50 years specialized in financial statement, accounting and consulting for an international clientele.

The members are meeting ones a year to international conference. Here you will meet other members and together you will share your international knowhow within the field. Moore Global Network Ltd. has a competent network across most of the world, which is a benefit for our customers who work across borders.

You can read more about Moore Global Network Ltd. on their website or read about the Danish department here, Moore Denmark.

Download publication about doing business in Denmark 2020

The purpose of this publication is to give an introduction to those considering conducting business in Denmark, either by establishing a company or a branch or in other ways.


  • Business forms
  • Accounting requirements
  • Audit requirements
  • Bookkeeping requirements
  • Establishment
  • Corporation Taxation
  • Calculation of the taxable income
  • Taxation of individuals
  • Value-added tax
  • Withholding taxes

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We are always ready to help you and your company with your accounting and financial statement. You can always book a noncommittal meeting at BRANDT, to talk about your situation and what we can offer you.

We have expertise and specialists ready to talk with you, regardless if you need help with consulting, accounting, tax, auditing, financial statements, VAT or payroll administration.

With 11 offices across the entire country can we offer nationwide services.

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